Welcome To The Future Of Cell Phone Stores

Where customers can sell or trade their old devices for a new one.

Where they can shop for phones and accessories online from anywhere.

Where ordering print advertising is as easy as a few clicks.

Where tracking inventory and sales can be done from your smartphone.

Where business profits can be calculated before investing in new inventory.

Where checking the history of products is made simple so a blacklisted device never makes it into your inventory.

Made Possible With 3web1

3web1 is the future of cell phone businesses. It’s an all-in-one online platform that takes a minute to set up and packed with many tools and applications to not only run a more efficient business but supercharge your sales as well.

3web1 has 4 main functionalities:

1st is the buyback website. It gives potential customers a quick reference for how much you will pay for their old devices while offering your business a new revenue stream from reselling these items. The buyback website is fully customizable with your own logo and domain name and new products and prices are updated weekly.

2nd is a selling website which allows your customers to view your inventory and make purchases without ever visiting your store. We’ve taken out the complex and unnecessary backend process of setting up a selling website but still included the most important features needed to sell your products online. Adding products, creating custom categories and tracking inventory have never been this simple. Even linking your PayPal account to accept payments is made simple with our easylink process.

3rd is the unlocking and repair website which allows your customer to check what items you repair or unlock without ever having to call your store. Customer can schedule a repair or unlocking conveniently online.

4th is the business suite which is the engine of 3web1. It features a dashboard that allows quick access to many tools and features for managing your business. Customize your websites, track all past and present inventory, run custom searches, print product labels, print sales receipts, create eBay selling templates, publish products to your selling website all from your business suite. It also includes the ESN Check portal with quick links to many reporting websites.

The mission of the 3web1 is to offer a comprehensive and powerful tool that includes everything you need to supercharge your business but without the complexity. The cost to build and setup these applications would run tens of thousands but you can set it all up for free.

Take your business to the next level with 3web1.