Solutions was used to set up a buyback website which cost just $27. This brought instant credibility to our business and the website included many tools designed to make phone flipping easier. The profit calculator and device checking quick links were especially helpful. The domain name was available and bought for $15. Free ads for buying broken electronics were posted on OfferUp with the website posted in the ad image. With the traffic that the OfferUp ads generated it quickly ranked on Google for the keywords "sell my iPhone Miami" and "sell iPhone Miami". 

We challenged ourselves to start a cell phone flipping business and double our $950 startup capital in 2 months.  Spoiler Alert: We crushed it!

We needed to solve 3 Problems

With a total startup budget of less than $1,000 we needed to keep startup costs low in order to have more capital for buying devices. Also, because Miami is a trade hub between the USA and regions such as the Caribbean and South America, it's one of the most competitive markets for cell phone flippers. With almost no advertising budget in a highly competitive market and starting as a new business with no brand recognition, was the perfect solution.


September 23, 2019

Problem #1 - Starting Budget of $950

We challenged ourselves to see if we could start a buyback business with less than a thousand dollars and to double our money in two months.

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September 23, 2019

Problem #2 - Ultra Competitive Market

Strong demand for used devices inflates the buyback prices and reduces the profit margins in South Florida.

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September 23, 2019

Problem #3 - No Business Recognition  

Our buyback business had no prior customers and zero name recognition to start with.

September 23, 2019

Created Buyback Website

Using we were able to create a buyback website in just a few minutes. We gained instant credibility for our business. Set up cost was free and they maintained it for only $27 a month. Additionally, the website was top-rated out of the box and included additional tools such as the calculator and quick links that were really helpful.

September 23, 2019

Used Keyword as Domain

We wanted our website to get ranked as quickly as possible so we used a popular Google search term as our domain name. We paid $15 to register the domain directly through 3web1 and it was automatically linked to our website. The total setup cost was $42.


September 23, 2019

Posted Ads On OfferUp

We posted one ad daily on OfferUp online marketplace. The web address was placed in the ad image to generate traffic to the site. We also focused on buying mainly broken devices to maximize our returns.


By setting up a buyback website we quickly established as a reputable buyback option in Miami for just $42. With the remaining budget we focused on buying broken devices then repairing and reselling them to maximize returns. The traffic to our website from Offer Up helped us get two valuable keywords ranked #1 on Google. Within two months we had a top ranked website bringing us free leads and grew the $950 startup budget to over $3,000 working capital.

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September 30, 2019

Immediate Results

Within 1 day of posting ads on OfferUp we received our first request to sell and bought 2 cracked Unlocked iPhone 6s for $15 each. Replacement screens were ordered on eBay for $12 each, and a Youtube video was used to complete the repairs. We then listed them on eBay where both sold within 3 days for $114 each. Our profits was around $140 total. We had made back our initial investment within 7 days.

Novenmber 8, 2019

#1 Ranked Keyword

On November 8 we received our first order through our buyback website. This was the first time we realized was ranked #1 for the search term "sell my iphone miami". We met with the seller and purchased 3 phones that we fixed and resold on eBay.

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November 22, 2019

$3,059 In 60 Days

Because our budget was limited to begin with we turned away a lot of deals because we didn't have the capital to buy. However we focused on smaller ticket items and was able to turn our initial $950 into $3,059 total in 60 days.


We were able to create a buyback website and launch a successful phone flipping business with a budget of $950. Within 9 weeks our website was attracting customers and our initial startup budget had grown to $3,059. We were now in a position to buy larger ticket items and continue growing our buyback business.

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