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4 Steps to Grow Your Shop to #1

“You’ve done what many small business owners do, and that’s focused on the craft (repairs and customer service) but neglected the business side (marketing and systems).”

4 steps to transform your business into the best cell phone shop in your city

One of the biggest complaints we hear from struggling repair shops is someone calls for a quote but never shows up.

Let me know if this sounds familiar. Someone calls your store for a quote to repair a device. You give them a great price (lower than you would like) to seal the deal, but they never show up.

By the end of the day, you reflect and wonder. Was it a competitor? Did they find a better price? Why didn’t they choose my service?

For a moment you think about reducing your prices even further, but you know lowering prices is not the answer. You started your business because you’re good at what you do, so you know that a race to the bottom with your prices is a losing business strategy.

You understand that if you're undercutting your prices to win more customers, then you need to work harder with less return. This strain eventually leads to cutting corners, which then leads to lower quality service to your customers. So what can you do to be more profitable?

Think about how much time and effort it took to start your business and to become an expert at what you do. You’ve done everything right, but you’re still not getting the results you anticipated.

We’ve seen many storeowners face this exact problem and unfortunately many never solve it before going out of business. They blame low prices, the wrong location or the repair shop across the street taking their customers.

But there are many examples of successful businesses that don’t charge the lowest prices or are not in high traffic areas. So, what are these successful cell phone stores doing that you’re not?

The good news is that if you find yourself in this situation, it’s an easy one to solve. You’ve done what many small business owners do, and that is focused on the craft (repairs and customer service) but maybe neglected the business side (marketing and systems).

So, why are some repair shops always full and expanding to new locations while others regress?

There is a system that successful stores implement to attract more customers and sell more products. This system prioritizes consistent marketing and upsells. It utilizes free advertising, installs systems to be more efficient and doubles the output of every customer by offering more products and services.

This system is fundamental, and once executed your store will have enough customers that you will be able to raise prices rather than lower them. And your customers will be willing to pay more just because they want to do business with you.

We’ve seen struggling business go from almost bankrupt to doubling sales in 1 month, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Here is the blueprint.

1) Define your services and be prepared to make customer satisfaction your priority. Use only high-quality parts for repairs and be courteous to every customer (yes, even the troublesome ones) because word of mouth advertising works and in the digital age you want to avoid negative reviews at any cost. Would you trade $100 for $1000? Then issuing a credit or a refund to make a customer happy and avoiding a negative review is worth it. Many shoppers start their search online, and reviews are a big influencer in their decision on which shop they will do business with. Take this very seriously; otherwise, you will lose customers you never knew you had.

2) Create a website which will become a salesman that never sleeps. Your services, products, and prices should be visible on the web. It’s like being open 24/7 and being visible to more customers. You may think posting prices will make it easier for competitors to underbid and steal your customers and in some cases, it will, but there are plenty of customers that want excellent service. Additionally, by posting your products and services online, you can upsell additional product and services. Think about a customer looking to fix a screen but ends up buying another phone because they saw it on your website. Or a customer looking to downgrade service and trades an iPhone X for store credit, which they then use to purchase a new device from a cheaper carrier. There is a reason winning businesses have websites with their products and services. It works!

3) Use free advertising. It works!!! Each customer that walks out your store is a potential billboard. Offer your customer a small discount ($5) for a positive Google review and a Facebook like. Each time this is done, you gain free exposures and a word of mouth referral to all of their friends. Additionally, positive Google reviews will rank you higher in Google search results. So when someone finds your Google Business page, they will also see your excellent reviews and compare you to the business with bad/no reviews. And your Google Business page will then lead them to your website where they can shop your products and services while your competition only offers a single page website without much information. Let’s guess whom they'll prefer to do business with.

4) Manage your time better. This is very important for any business. 80% of the time spent during a day is on things you didn’t plan on happening. So the more things you can anticipate and plan for, the better. Many times businesses will do everything right, and customers will flock to their business, but they aren’t equipped to handle the extra business (what happens when the dog catches the car;). Implement systems so you can better handle a higher customer load.

First, create a pre-recording on your phone, directing customers to your website to check prices and to schedule drop-offs. Allow callers to press 0 to speak to someone at your store but if you can get 1 out of every 4 callers to help themselves that could end up saving you a lot of time. Next use a management system that keeps your inventory, orders, and customers organized. This is pretty difficult because most POS systems don’t have a website component to push your inventory to your website or to track online orders. It’s crucial that when you implement step #1-3 above that you’re able to handle the extra work so use an all-in-one service like 3web1 that has every features needed to publish websites, manage inventory, and organize your orders.

Following these steps can make a difference. Adding 1-2 customers a day results in an additional $75-$100 daily profit ($1,500-$2,000 monthly and $18,000-$24,000 yearly). These small things you do each day adds up over the course of months and years. It’s what separates the struggling store owner from the one that can afford to hire help and take vacations.

We want you to be successful and will continue to keep our ear to the ground to anticipate any pain points our industry is facing so we can find technical solutions. If there are ways, we can improve your business by adding features to the 3web1 platform you bet we are on it.


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